Artocratic Foodist Art Party
August 1, 2010

On July 18th, Artocratic held a local event after hours at Seattle's Greenbean Coffee House. We invited folks to bring food dishes in the form of art. We also held a "Food For Thought" open mic with poetry, songs, stories and memoirs shared. Every aspect of the event was a blast and surpassed our expectations! Here are some of the creations we enjoyed. Photos by Dan Filbin, Emily Keeler, Terry Stella, Greg Dember, Linda Ceriello.

The Parting of the Red Sea in Jello and Rice Krispie Treat with Apricot Moses by Emily

The Parting of the Red Sea by Emily

Domino Brownies by Hayden and Zadok

Forest Fantasy (Squash Borscht Bowls) by Cheryl

Forest Fantasy by Cheryl

French Flag in Blue, Russet, and Sweet Potatoes by Keith

Dropmann (Melon with Dutch Candies) by Eugenie

Psychedelic #1: Food Coloring on Mochi by John

Fava Crew Team on Greenlake by Karen

Pizza Face by Angela

QWERTY Cupcakes by Linda and Terry

Rothko Upside Down Pie by Hannah

Adrift (Tootsie Roll Raft on Jello River) by Sarah

Tic Tac Tomato by Greg

Warhol as Sculpture by Heike

Zen Garden in Hummus by Terry

Flying Spaghetti Monster with Vegan "Meatballs" by Linda and Terry