Maverick Metaphysick Askance
by Marc Vincenz

September 1, 2009

Are your truly ready for this
approach of end time end
mystery creation mystery
flutter of time-space hesitation vibration

I know you imagine a light 
we all do

words have frayed
punctuation disintegrated
grammar playing hide and seek
	somewhere in the dusty hedge
you roll roll roll 
haphazardly bumping 
a ball looking for flat places

where elbows seek perch
and cautionary tales require 
hand on temple
knuckles square to chin meditation
to settle it once and for all
						if ever
what’s in a cup of hand
but air
and lined gypsy promises
		or something more
			what’s still to be there
				grains of sand wheat rice
	then simply what’s not there

You were taught to think before you held

we’re all scientists
only science
is a relative space

ergo all the questions

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